Portfolio de Marco Zouvek. Trabajos realizados para Google Maps con la tecnología Street View 360º


Barri Gòtic

Caboclo Zapatería (Barri Gòtic – Barcelona)

It all started back in 2006 while importing “jewels” made of seeds from the Amazon Forest. From those “seeds” our Company was born. One year later we opened our first shop in the Gothic area of Barcelona. Working with artisans from the north-east of Brazil we developed our first Coboclo product: The Sandal. Gladly, with an larger than expected demand, we started the distribution process to other shops around Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Formentera) and in the following years to Germany, France, Italy, Finland the USA and Japan.


Cala del Vermut Vins I formatges (Ciutat Vella – Barcelona)

Celler Cala del Vermut (Ciutat Vella – Barcelona)

Gemma Povo (Barri Gòtic – Barcelona)

Gemma Povo

Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar (Born – Barcelona)

Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar

Cala de Vermot (Barri Gòtic – Barcelona)

Cala Del Vermut (El Barri Gotic – Barcelona)

Aragaza (Barri Gòtic – Barcelona)

Aragaza Carrer Boters 8 Barcelona


Home On Earth (Barri Gòtic – Barcelona)

Home On Earth

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